Monday, December 8, 2014


I saw you coming through these door-cracks. 

I listened the whispers of your smile.

I painted the way this heart elucidated my fingers. 

You saw my articulation and again smiled. 

That was the day my world changed its shape. 

That day I created my masterpiece.

Then I looked down on the opaque floor, 

I saw our reflections, they overlapped. 

Each morning I woke up with a smile. 

Each day I lived my dream.


Everything changes and everything changed. 

My shadow burnt and unicorn in disguise. 

Your calm light still rained, 

But seemed insipid without our consent. 

Someone shot the bullet, I saw it coming. 

People laugh and people laughed. 

Fabricated a baseless vision, they said. 

But, I knew it was a test, all I needed was you.

I believed in my love, you kept me strong.

I still close my eyes and I hear your songs.

I always find you close, closer than ever. 

Nothing interferes as we're entrained together.