Saturday, August 23, 2014


Date a girl who writes letters. Date a girl who shivers with excitement when she touches a letter. Date a girl who likes simple words, but understands meaning of the hesitant flow of your pen. Date a girl who gets fascinated by the way your fingers hold the pen and the way your fingers had moved on that piece of paper. 
Date her because she will write to you. She’ll be the girl who will tell you stories in her letters. Date a girl who writes letters because in her letters she will write poems, poems she never showed to anybody. Date her because she will also love lo listen to your stories. The girl who writes letters will leave everything behind and would listen to you. Tell her your problems, cry on her shoulder and eventually you will be fine. The girl who writes letters will know what to say when you’ll be low. You’ll soon realize that she is not an ordinary girl.

Date a girl who writes letters because she will listen to old classic songs with you on repeat till she meets herself living the song. Date her because she will cry during the movies with you. Date her because her favorite movie will be Forrest Gump. 

Date her because she will be with you even when she won’t be around. At night she will be with you, beneath your pillows, her letters will breathe life in you. That precious paper will keep you warm. You will have her picture in your phone or wallet, but you will always come back to her letters. While reading her letters, you will listen her voice. After some lines, she’ll laugh and in some lines she won’t say much. You will soon find out that she writes you from her heart.

Date her because when you’ll read her letters, she’ll be by your side. Her letters will tell you what dress she was wearing. Her letters will tell what she smelled like, what song she was listening, what was the color of her nail paint and what was she sipping while writing that letter.

On Sunday mornings turn off all alarms. Don’t wake her up. Make breakfast for her, include all those things she likes. With a tray full of love wake her up and look into her sleepy eyes. Capture her smile in your heart because it will the most precious smile.

Date a girl who writes letters to you. She will be the one who will have no hesitation in telling you what she would feel about anything. She will tell you about the things she would like about you as well as the things she won’t. She will tell you about your thin beard she likes and she will also tell you about your habit of rubbing your eyes which she hates. 

She’ll be like a book and some days she will be like a poem. When you’ll meet that girl, you’ll know what it is to know somebody. She will have envelopes and stamps of a thousand colors and she will send love in them. Her writing table will be all messed up but she will keep letters with ultimate care. And on some beautiful days she will forget to eat and drink, and will wait for your letter. 

Write small-small notes for her when she is around. Leave it at her table, hide them in her bag, keep them in her favorite books. And, you yourself hide behind the doors or curtains and watch her as she reads them and fall in love with her even more. Tell her about the first time you saw her, tell her about some surprise plan or tell her about her beautiful chin. Send her long texts when she is asleep at night and tell her I love you in different languages.

Date a girl who writes letters. Gift her books because such a girl will be madly in love with them. Books will make her love you even more. Stalk her on facebook or her Pinterest account and find out the writers or poets she likes. Give her Bronte, give her Dickens, give her Keats. Write poems for her. If you can’t write one, then make one up with no sense. She’ll love those ones too. 

Date that girl because she will be beautiful from the inside. She will know the meaning of love and will teach you more about it. Date her because she will be passionate about the things she loves. She will know on her own how much you love her but don’t take it for granted. Tell her each day how much you love her and make her realize that you’re the luckiest person in the world.

Some days she will write letters to herself. Those will be the days when she’ll be confused. When you see folds of skin on her forehead and a tensed smile, talk to her, hold her hands. Some days she won’t tell you what’s bothering her. But don’t leave her alone. Be with her. Sit beside her. After sometimes she’ll tell you what’s in her mind. Comfort her, make her feel appreciated, love her more.

Marry a girl who writes letters. Marry that girl because she’ll know that life is a beautiful song and she’ll lend her words to you and she’ll sing it with you. Marry that girl because just like a letter you’ll always find home. And instead of waiting for you, she will be with you on those roads. 

Don’t let such girl go because you won’t be able to forget her. Write a letter to a girl if she writes letters. Write her one as soon as you can.

Good Luck :)

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