Friday, August 15, 2014


As children, we all have heard that story where there used to be a king and a queen. The prince charming is smitten by the beauty of our gorgeous princess, proposes to her in all drama, the princess consents to being a devoted wife for her lifetime; they marry and stay happily ever after. Happiness overdose, isn’t it? So for those who agree let’s give this age old story a modern twist. Here it goes, our 21st century prince too falls in love, a lot of times more than just once, but he doesn't always end up with his queen for a lifetime. Before you start judging him, let me tell you he is far from being disloyal and apostate. No, he is not double crossing it either, he just has his own priorities, the prince believes in standing on his own feet before anything else and earning his bread and butter himself. Surprisingly enough, in cases where he has a plush inheritance too. He places strong emphasis on the ties of blood and affinity, but doesn't really believe in wooing the clan of her princess to marry her, he does not need it’s approval. For him marriage is over rated. It’s not the sole propaganda of his life unlike his grandparents. He is more than glad with not marrying. For him, the ring does not define his relationship status, he is just happy with the concept of holding it but not having it, he does not want his identity to be fused with other’s. He believes in a man without a wife and vice versa. Wife or no wife, he’s a hero in his own ways, and the princess? Well, the prettiest of them all, while putting up her tiara secretly told me” If he’s good enough to marry, he’ll still be around when you are ready to make that leap.” Tch Tch, Tch ,problem, somebody?

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