Tuesday, September 16, 2014


The needle is vibrating,
My piezometer is sighing.
Whacky and sophisticated.
Painting like a child, working random.
I'm filtering the tears.
It's unseen,
An uncontrolled unicorn playing a sweet parody.
Not revering to the expected,
Expecting the unexpected.
They saw a hooligan,
Met a geek.
Carving the impasto, the impeccable,
And working closely,
For a one off piece.
What of them, the irresponsive.
I sighed alone,
They laughed in numbers.
Drinking the unfermented,
Wearing the cloudy glasses,
Expected the unexpected.
They saw a sinner,
Met a saint.
Holding the grail,
And playing the gramophone,
My God on vacation ,
The end was near, it was December.
It was a false dawn,
Experiencing the quantum leap,
Digging the roots to infinite.
I reached the same, unfurnished room.
Her escaping shadows and scent,
Erasing me, were all around.
She was used as a bet,
And the Unicorn was caught,
He gave up.
And he said again,
"I deserve more."

 Adarsh can also be found on fossBytes.com

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