Saturday, September 20, 2014


It was just another day
Or, another unfortunate day.
She waited for the bus with a friend.
The bus came,
But dressed like a coffin on wheels.
Six monster faces came out,
And took them away.
Christmas was near.
Seemed nearer in the crowded city.
Those animals on a rampage,
Lashed her cannibal whips.
They violated her body,
And raped her terrified soul.
She scratched and screamed,
Wasn't there someone outside?
Why would people want to bury her alive?
They threw her away,
On naked winter road to die.
Made her past over-sized,
Colored it dark black monochrome.
Present with painful anger
And a future of decomposed hopes.
She opened her eyes in hospital,
Asked a question and then slept forever.
She asked, "What was my fault?"
Doctors heard, her parents heard and everyone else.
Her questioned still answered,
People decorating their homes
And buying cheerful lights and colors.
Still we will celebrate Christmases,
And wait for a blind Santa?

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