Friday, October 24, 2014


I will build a sweet landscape
And ditch my bitter hallucinations.
Everything I’ll create,
Will be far away from this earth.
I will take your hand and
As soon as we'll depart,
I will call upon some poems.
Not a dozen, just a couple.
One for you and
Another one again for you,
I will pour a million stars,
In a glass of wine,
Brewed with laughter and musings.
I know you will fear,
Some birds will chase us,
And some will chase us for days.
But, I will drive fast.
Maybe I’ll fly in style,
If you’ll help me grow some wings.
And then I’ll speak some more.
If you'll insist,
I’ll try to sing, to make you laugh.
But, I will turn away my face.
And I’ll be laughing the whole time.
I will turn on the TV,
And we’ll watch movies.
Not too many, just one or two.
Your favorites will be my favorites,
Suddenly I’ll be silent
And I’ll look into your eyes,
I’ll search for my face
And I will see your face. 
I’ll love to get lost in them,
But I won't leave you alone.
I know you’ll be there with me,
I’ll be there too.
You and me, dancing.
Beneath your yawning eyelids,
And behind your playful eyebrows.
In our dreams and in the daylight reality.
If you’ll feel cold,
Or you’d wish to see the earth,
We’ll come back to earth.
We’ll travel together,
Touching the wind
And plucking the yogurt clouds.
Maybe we’ll spend a week
Or the whole winter below.
We will wake up from a good sleep,
The sun will greet us
And it will be our friend again,
Then I’ll craft a boat.
The way you’ll want it to be,
We’ll sail once again.
Back to that landscape,
Or maybe to a new city.
Wherever you’d say,
But far away from this earth,

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