Friday, November 7, 2014


I will dance to these dense, azure and somewhat friendly flames, and I will bury my eyes in water looking for something precious underneath. Soon my wings will start burning and it will be difficult for me to breath inside water, those cries for help will be reciprocated with ignorance. I will dance once again with a faintest ray of hope, till an imperceptible twinkle will start leaving my body and it will eventually scar people around me. This fake manifestation of dreams won’t last long and I will be teleported to a lonely place very soon. The obsession which was created by my brain and nurtured by my heart, will leave through my tongue when I will call that name for the last time and after that nobody will hear it again. This won’t be written in big-ass history books but this will be remembered by some, the ones who have seen and understood the meaning of my damaged smiles. The dark and unfurnished wood beneath my clothes won’t melt like wax, instead it will guide some nightmares and those nightmares will hunt my future sleeps. I will pass some winters in hibernation and I will save myself from sun for few upcoming summers. But it won't end like this, it just can't. Someone will once again very carefully pinch my arm and I will become someone else’s unicorn. Once again the word obsession will be suckled beneath my skin through injections of affection. At last, as a confirmation, my phone will blink and a message will be displayed- "Congratulations, you've did it again!"

                              ...this cycle repeats over and over again

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