Sunday, February 4, 2018

Sun won't rise early tonight

Sun won't rise early tonight

And I don't feel so alone

Peeling off each other's clothes

Touching your rain soaked skin

Sensual kisses in love's ocean

Precious warmth of bruising breaths

Tangled fingers are hard to separate

Hive of of our desires is very deep 

Lying naked and one, we are numb

I succumb to you and your every being

Sharing love, I'm lost in your eyes,

My endless love rests on your petals

Your sweet surrender says it all

My hands trace your curves

Inside those same white sheets

I'll love with all that resides in me

Your sighs printed in my mind 

Sending chills up and down in my spine

I closed your eyes as they glide around 

Lost in symphonies and your reflection

Excitement and longing we share

And our body wants fulfillment 

Night's climax is nearer

My heart pounds and breath pants

Your lingering lips hum like a song

The kiss is last but passion still the same

- Adarsh Verma

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