Sunday, February 4, 2018


Saying whispering hello,
To the heavy eyelid twins,
I think more about you.
This morning,
I'm cursing my brain again,
For not sending you to me,
In my dreams again,
Just like yesterday,
I open the windows of my room,
You feel nearby,
Like the morning dew.
Come closer to me,
And flow like a wind
From the north,
Thousand miles away,
Where you live.
Hit me strong and soft,
On my rough cheek.
While I glide upon,
A dead-end road.
Come inside me,
Like a glittering hope and
A mysterious asterisk.
At each night,
I think of your eyes,
A concoction of dearly love,
And our mutual infinite skies.
I took bath again,
But the insides of me,
Are still evaporating.
And rising some more,
With a swarm of desires.
Fighting with each other,
To come to you first.
My each thought rises,
But crash lands on Earth.
I dream of some bridges,
That I'll make soon.
And I'm growing aside,
Some islands too.
I want to be there,
Today, right now.
By your side.
Holding your hands,
Erasing some marks,
And wrinkle of troubles.
Then I think some more.
About those seven days,
And those million moments,
That make "us".
I waited a lifetime,
For days like those.
Let's fly again,
Once more.
Making boats of clouds.
And sailing to see each other.
Let's smoke each other,
And drink some more.
Let's stop caring,
As this is love.
Let's love each other,
As we're in love.
You'll say some more,
And I'll laugh some more.
Let's hit the road,
On an infinite adventure,
Between the dusks
And some dawns.
We'll find hidden in its lap
A happy ending,
Back to "our" new found home. 

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