Sunday, February 4, 2018

This will never be enough

those laptops
and those cellphones.
those screens
and those fingers.
those five minutes
and those five hours.
where happiness pokes my heart
and where i can sing out loud.
those songs of springs
and those winter snowfalls.
those fresh gushes of your fake-cute anger
and my stupid-stale attempts at flirting.
those keyboards,
and those numerous keys to press.
those combinations of laughter
and those awkward silences.
those words we share,
and those colorful wings my thoughts get.
I don't need any other color
and I don't need any other brush.
I don't need those far off fairy lands
and I don't need those heavens.
as we talk more and type more,
those words become lines
and those lines become stories.
those past thirteen years
and those many more to come.
it has been so long
but this will never be enough.

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